HSA IR-Hop Z-kit

3-piece IR-hop kit for easy installation

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According to the manufacturer, the purpose of the R-Hop patch is to produce an extended contact with the bb for more gentle and precise acceleration, resulting in longer, flatter trajectories which are far more accurate and more tolerant of inconsistencies within the bb. The issue with many hopups is that those that seal very well usually do not apply backspin well and vice versa. This system separates the two, allowing previously unattainable levels of accuracy in high power, long range guns. The "I" in the name stands for “ice” and indicates cold weather tolerance, so the IR-hop works in effectively all temperatures. What sets the Z-kit apart from other R-hop kits is that each of the 3 patches is cut slightly differently to ensure that one of them is sure to fit your barrel correctly.
Installation of this patch needs to be very precise, and professional installation is recommended.