iMaxRC B6AC Pro Charger
iMaxRC B6AC Pro Charger

Multilader voor het opladen van zowel NiMH, LiPo als LiFe batterijen

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Voorraad :

Carger has an LCD display indicating the selected type of cells (Ni-Cd/Ni-MH/Li-Po/Li-Fe/LiIon), the current cycle (loading, unloading, loading after unloading), actual current charge/discharge (A), capacity (mAh ), voltage (V) and charging time reported in minutes and seconds.

- Support for Ni-Cd from 1.2V to 18V, Ni-MH from 1.2V to 18V, Li-Po from 3.7V to 22.2V, Li-Fe from 3.3V to 19.8V 
- Power source: AC 100-230V, DC 11V-18V (eg. car battery) 
- Charging current 0.1A - 5A (adjustable in increments of 0.1 A) 
- Discharge current 0.1A - 1A 
- Loaded cell voltage range: 1.2V - 22.2V 
- Connector: Deans T + Tamiya
- Dimensions: 134x124x34 mm 
- Weight: 429g 

Set includes cables for charging batteries with Deans T or Tamiya Large connectors, plugs, adapters and power cord.